Admin Application

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Admin Application

Post by Etsuro on Fri Jan 20, 2017 3:43 pm

-Full Name : Aundrei Velasco
-Ingame Nickname :Etsuro
-Score Ingame :141
-link to your Facebook profile ( optional ) : https: // www .facebook. com/aunvel.liquid.gel
-The reason why Want to Be admin:I Want to be admin because i saw too many abusers like s0beit users and other cheaters in the server .. plus , i also want to help to this server grow like the other servers like GTOCnR,CZ and other CnR..
-How long to Play SA - MP : I played Samp since 2011
-How long have FGCNR Playing at :i dont know but i played it for like years now or two years coz i really dont know..
-Anything that you know ON hack / cheat ( Mention Dan Explain ) : Mod S0beit,CLEO, ...


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